Dogs at the Spar Oct 21st, 2016   [viewed 4700 times]

Humans are not the only ones who enjoy a day at the spa – so do their dogs!

It is amazing what a couple of hours of pampering will do for your pooch, especially around the busy festive season, says award-winning pet stylist Melanie Newman of Spa Bark Dog Grooming & Spa in Victoria.

“The pet industry is seeing an increase in luxury grooming services for pets over the past few years, and more recently, people are asking for salon spa services,” she says.

Aromatherapy, mud massage treatments, color rejuvenation treatments and another high-end pampering, cleaning and brushing therapies not only improve and rejuvenate dogs’ coat, skin, and color, but also offer emotional benefits for both dogs and their owners.

“The dogs love the extra attention and respond to the massage treatments, sometimes falling asleep during the massage process,” Mrs. Newman says. “Their owners notice the difference in coat condition and beautifully smelling pet gets way more pats at home.”

Average spa treatment costs range between $35 to $65 above the grooming price, depending on dog breed and treatment.

“Pet owners are demanding more services for their pets because they love them and want to give them the best care possible to make them happy and healthy. They also recognize the increased professionalism and quality of skills of pet groomers today,” she says.

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